I and P

So far, I am pretty content with reaching my goals! I am reading about about 175 minutes per 5 days, I also have partially succeeded in reading in non fiction novels. Although they are still very difficult for me, I have started a good streak in reading them. However I am of course still striving to fully complete and achieve my goals daily.

For my AP novel, I chose to read Daisy Miller by Henry James, another lovely book I have enjoyed greatly. Out of the entire book, I have noticed that Daisy Miller is coming off as the major character and representing a theme of innocence. The man she become involved with and the unfamiliar city she explores brings out the purity of her character. A certain part of the novel especially stood out to me, "and he liked her for the more innocent-looking indifference and her apparently inexhaustible good behavior" (pg 140). As Winterbourne and Daisy interact more, her innocence and mysterious mess drive him crazy. Daily, he thinks about her and…

Life helpers

So far I feel pretty good about my reading progress! Currently I am reading The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, which is my second novel by this author. So far I have enjoyed all the novels that I've read by Amy Tan. The first book I read by her was The Bonesetter's Daughter, I 10/10 recommend these books! I also just finished Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, which I absolutely fell in love with! Normally people don't enjoy poetry, and I usually don't either, however this was definitely an exception. I loved this book because it was written in a relatable aspect to high schoolers and young adults. However, not only did it focus on the most accurate and common negatives and downfalls of life but also gave the best advice. After reading this book, I can definitely say that I have a new mindset and am trying to be more positive in life.
A certain page in the book really stood out to me as I read and it said, " how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." I …

Who is Hannah

Hey I'm Hannah! I'm a current sophomore attending Hebron High School. Reading is a very enjoyable hobby for me and I believe it has many benefits! I have enjoyed reading ever since I learned how to, and am very thankful for the ability to have this privilege. I remember I would always try to carry a book around with me and read at every chance I get; in the car, waiting for the doctor, even in the bath! I remember that the main reason for me needing glasses was because I read too much in the dark car. Unfortunately as time passed, and my schedule got busier, my reading habits have fallen off. However when I do get the chance, I love to read a variety of genres, my favorite genre being nonfiction. Some of my favorite books are Speak by Laurie Halse, Golden Boy by Tara Sullivan, and The Cellar by Natasha Preston.

In my English 2 PAP class, we have a 20 minute time period to just read which I love. It allows me to have time to myself to relax and just cool off from the stressful…