I and P

So far, I am pretty content with reaching my goals! I am reading about about 175 minutes per 5 days, I also have partially succeeded in reading in non fiction novels. Although they are still very difficult for me, I have started a good streak in reading them. However I am of course still striving to fully complete and achieve my goals daily.

For my AP novel, I chose to read Daisy Miller by Henry James, another lovely book I have enjoyed greatly. Out of the entire book, I have noticed that Daisy Miller is coming off as the major character and representing a theme of innocence. The man she become involved with and the unfamiliar city she explores brings out the purity of her character. A certain part of the novel especially stood out to me, "and he liked her for the more innocent-looking indifference and her apparently inexhaustible good behavior" (pg 140). As Winterbourne and Daisy interact more, her innocence and mysterious mess drive him crazy. Daily, he thinks about her and tries to figure her out, for she is also not his usual type of person to socialize with. However Daisy is unaware of this all, she continues to capture his mind with her curiosity and of course innocence. I believe this novel overall just captures the innocence of her new exposure to a different area with different interactions. I could relate, as I have visited Europe recently. Although I did not meet any new men(haha), it was definitely a new experience and unatural for me and probably for Daisy as well. In the end, I have most definitely enjoyed this novel and I am most likely to read another book from Henry James, but I will keep you all updated! Thanks for reading.